Kudzu bugs: What you need to know

Kudzu bugs are a type of beetle that invade your home in the fall. These creatures make loud noises, emit terrible odors and can do serious damage to your house. We will discuss what you need to know about these pests so that you can keep them out of your home!

Table of Contents

1. What is kudzu bugs?

Kudzu bugs are a type of insect that is called true bug because they have semimembranous wings and piercing sucking mouth parts. These insects, also known as the Giant Mesquite Bug or Megacopta cribraria in Latin, can grow up to one inch long! It has been reported over 400 kudzu bugs per square meter were found on an experimental planting at Clemson University’s USDA Agricultural Research Station near Athens Georgia back in 2009.

2. What do kudzu bugs look like?

What is the texture of a kudzu bug? They are mottled green and brown, but their mouthparts give them away. Kudzu bugs have piercing beaks to suck sap from plants while beetles chew on leaves and other vegetation with chewing mouths that can’t pierce through surfaces like plant bark or wood for sustenance.

They can be found throughout the United States, and they have a brownish green color. Their mouthparts resemble those of a beetle because it has an elongated jaw with piercing sucking mouthparts that is used to suck fluids from plants or animals. Kudzus thrive in humid climates like Florida’s subtropical climate which does not experience freezing temperatures for extended periods of time; this allows them to flourish along roadsides and near yards where people live as well as other areas they may travel during their lifetimes before reproducing once more.

3. Why is kudzu bugs in you home?

Why are there kudzu bugs in your home? Homeowners tend to be more concerned with this pest because of its overwintering habits. Just like boxelder bugs, cluster flies and Asian multicolored lady beetles do, during the warm summer months you may not see them too often; but as fall approaches they will congregate in massive numbers on sun-exposed surfaces to keep themselves warm.

The kudzu bug is not content with being outdoors in the winter, as it looks for sheltered voids and crevices to survive. These can include people’s homes where they do not feed or reproduce but are dormant during this time of year unless there happens to be a warm day. As soon as spring comes around, these bugs will vacate their temporary home when warmth returns.

4. Signs of a Kudzu bugs Infestation

Kudzu bugs are a very unpleasant experience for homeowners. Large numbers of the adults crawling around their homes can produce an alarming odor that is difficult to get rid of. The pests also have a chemical defense mechanism; when they’re disturbed, they release an unpleasant smell which becomes strong and pungent if there’s more than one bug released it at once!

5. How Do You Get Rid of Kudzu Bugs?

“Kudzu bugs (acrosternum hirtellum) are a type of insect that is sometimes introduced into homes via kudzus, or slow-growing vines. These insects can be difficult to get rid of and often require professional help.”

“The best way you know if these sneaky pests have invaded your home is when they start crawling out from the roots in pots where soil has been brought up onto the surface for farming purposes.”

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